Disclaimer:  Even though every effort has been made to ensure this warrant data's accuracy, Standard Bank, or an associated company can not be held responsible for any errors contained herein. Please use the data with caution. We recommend that you contact the issuer for confirmation of key data.
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Please note that Currency Reference Warrants are hedged using Currency Futures. To simplify reading of the Matrix we decompose the Currency Futures price into an indicative spot price. Please take this into account when trading this product as there might be slight differences.

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  • Currency Reference Warrants a great option
    The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is pleased to launch currency reference warrants

    What are currency reference warrants
    Currency reference warrants are listed on the JSE Limited and enable investors to trade currency as an asset class and thereby take advantage of either a positive or negative view of the future direction of the South African Rand against other major currencies. Alternatively investors may use currency reference warrants to protect portfolio returns against adverse movements of the Rand.

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    A currency reference warrant is a derivative as its value is derived from an underyling asset, in this case an exchange rate. More specifically its value is based on the change in the Rand price of one unit of specified foreign currency.
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    Trade currency reference warrants with South Africa's largest online broker for a flat R50* brokerage fee. The flat fee means you are charged this brokerage rate regardless the size of the trade (*+ taxes and charges).
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