Disclaimer:  Even though every effort has been made to ensure this warrant data's accuracy, Standard Bank, or an associated company can not be held responsible for any errors contained herein. Please use the data with caution. We recommend that you contact the issuer for confirmation of key data.
Code Knockout
Expiry Type Ratio Effective
Jse Top40 Index TOPSKG 63,000 06-Feb-24 European Knockout Call 500 8.71
Jse Top40 Index TOPSKR 77,000 06-Feb-24 European Knockout Put 500 10.11
Jse Top40 Index TOPSKS 80,000 06-Feb-24 European Knockout Put 500 7.28
Jse Top40 Index TOPSKU 78,000 07-May-24 European Knockout Put 500 8.54

Before Trading in Knockout! Warrants Please Note The Following:
  • Ensure you understand the product properly, and have experience in trading derivatives.
  • If you are an inexperienced trader don�t trade Knockout! Warrants.
  • Buy Knockout Calls if you are bullish, buy Knockout Puts if you are bearish.
  • Keep in mind that different Knockout! Warrants will have different Knockout Levels.
  • With every investment, one needs to have a time horizon. Don�t buy a Knockout Put listed on an index that you feel might fall in the next 3 months, if the Knockout Put expires in 1 month.
  • Once you have entered the position, keep a close watch of the current index level and your Knockout Level.
  • Manage the Knockout Level. If the index approaches the Knockout level, we recommend you exit that Knockout whilst it still has value.
  • Please note Standard Bank will not be a seller of the Knockout! Warrants close to the Knockout Level.
  • Please note the Knockout Level is set off the spot price of the Top40 Tradeable, but Knockout! Warrants are hedged in the FTSE/JSE Top40 Index Future.
How to Identify a Standard Bank Knockout! Warrant