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DateUnderlyingJSE CodePrice Per ETNFactor*Underlying Price**
2021-06-01CopperSBACOPR 23,311 / 2.76$ ,05
2021-06-01WheatSBAWHTR 8,621 / 11.17$ ,07
2020-10-22PalladiumSBAPD1-1 / 33.92$ 2395,90
2020-10-22PlatinumSBAPL1-1 / 124.53$ 889,10
2021-06-01CornSBACRNR 11,081 / 8.55$ ,07
2020-10-22GoldSBAG1-1 / 94.52$ 1904,60
2020-10-22SilverSBAS1-1 / 1.55$ 24,71
2020-10-22African Equity IndexSBAEI-1 / 1$ 82,09
2021-06-01WTISBAOILR 10,281 / 90.5$ 67,06
Replicating the ETN Price
The ETN price comprises of the ZAR future or Index price multiplied by the Factor*.

Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) Description

Commodity Linked ETNs provide investors with exposure to commodities in a cost effective manner. A total return index is created from the near dated USD commodity future, USD interest rates and the USDZAR exchange rate. The near-dated future is used as it is typically the most cost effective way of gaining exposure to the underlying commodity.

Standard Bank Africa Equity Index ETNs offer investors a cost-effective and convenient way to access a broad range of listed companies active across Africa (excluding South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland). The Investment tracks the Standard Bank Africa Total Return Index (SBAFRITR), which is a passive, dollar-based index and aims to reflect a diversified basket of liquid shares in companies that have their majority of exposure to Africa.

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For Commodity-linkers this is the amount of the underlying owned by holding 1 ETN, essentially representing the number of ETNs one needs to gain exposure to one Ounce, Barrel, Bushel, or Pound of the underlying commodity. Correct to two decimal points. This will change over time due to interest earned, management fees accrued and by rolling from one futures contract to the next as the former approaches maturity.

For Index ETNs this is the multiple of the Index value represented by the ETN price. Correct to two decimal points. This will change in time due to management fees accrued.

Underlying measure convention

Wheat, Corn - Bushels
Copper - Pounds
Oil - Barrels
Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver - Ounces

Underlying Price**

For Commodity-linkers this is the Rand futures price.

For Index ETNs this is the underlying index price.